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Paarsh is a luxury fashion brand that creates purposeful designs with a guarantee of a perfect fit and uncompromising quality. Our creations are an amalgamation of form governed by functionality. We aim to extend increasingly meaningful experiences to our consumers and find balance in creating timeless pieces that are treasured forever.

The Brand is a reflection of Our founder Priyanka Pandey who was introduced to the fashion space during her graduation in England at the London School of Economics. Fuelled by the extensive research on the bespoke process and equipped with the know-how of handling brand building activities, creation of what we know today as Paarsh started in 2018 and has since grown leaps and bounds.

Heading the creative design for Paarsh comes from a place of deep passion for the craft. She strongly believes that a feminine eye can deliver desirable clothes regardless of gender. Her vision remains to provide custom-made looks that cater to the diverse body types of Indian shoppers.

We are essentially a human – centred brand and we firmly believe that luxury lies in quality.

We invite you to come visit our Kolkata Store and witness firsthand the art of fine clothing.